Go Series Smartwatch

Just NTIME®.

Always NSync.


No matter what your fitness level, NTIME® 2 Go Series has you covered. Our smartwatches help you track your daily activity, save it, and even share your progress socially.

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Get hassle-free heart rate data, including heart rate alerts and other features, to help you get the most out of your workouts. We've upgraded the NTIME 2 with 4 sensors for better rate discovery.

A steady heart, is a good heart.


Keep track of your movement.

Track your steps and track the burn! Keep track of your daily foot count and the calories burned along the way. 7 Training Modes!

Feature Highlights

Track your daily steps and set daily goals.

Get mobile notifications directly to your wrist.

Train in various modes + keep daily records.

Make a call and add contacts in-watch.

Keep track of your heart rate during training.

Track your progress with the NSPRE™ Go App.


Someone is calling, pick up!

No need to bring pull out your phone. Answer or reject calls directly from your wrist. The NTIME® Go Series has both speakers and a mic for conversing

Can't find your phone...again!

Find your smartphone with the click of a button. Your device will sound an alarm until you've located it. You can also find your smartwatch using your phone.

Feature works on both iOS and Android devices.

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Control your music remotely.

Skip, rewind, pause, play...skip again. Control your music on your smartphone directly from your watch.

Screen stimulated from NSPRE™ NX Pro Plus

Save your data and sync it.

Want to keep up with your daily progress? Save your data after each training session. Keep up with your progress on the NSPRE™ Go Fitness App.

App will be available in both the App Store and Play Store.

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Tech Silicone Bands


For casual weekends and hitting the gym. These tech silicon bands are comfortable, easy on the wrist and reduce wrist sweat itches.


Can I activate my smartwatch with a carrier?

No, the NTIME® Go Series does have the ability to activate with a carrier. However, once you've connected your Go Series to your smartphone, your watch starts its calls, answer, and reject features.

Do all my notifcations sync to my watch?

Yes. You will also have the ability in the NSPRE™ Go App to turn off specific app notifications that you don't want to be synced to your smartwatch.

Csn I text from my NTIME® smartwatch?

No, you can't text or send messages from your smartwatch.

Can I make calls from my smartwatch?

Yes! You can make calls on your smartwatch. You also can add contacts to your smartwatch from your NSPRE™ Go App.

Can I talk into my smartwatch?

Yes! The NTIME® smartwatch has a mic and speaker that will allow you to have conversations directly into your wrist. No need to pull out your smartphone to take the call.

Can I use my smartwatch with any device?

Yes, you can use it with any smartphone you wish, both Android and iOS devices.

Go Series + Mobile Phone Features

  • Bluetooth Calling

  • Contact Adding

  • Mobile Phone Notifications Sync

  • Find my Phone + Watch (iOS and Android)

  • Alarm Alerts

  • Remote Camera Button

  • Multiple Screen Selections

  • Waterproof


Go SeriesFeatures

  • Multiple Training Modes

  • Step Counter

  • Calories Counter

  • Sleep Monitor

  • Heart Rate Monitor + Alerts

  • Workout and Training Alerts

  • Daily Overview

  • Weekly Health Overviews

  • Connects to Apple Health

  • Sedentary Mode

  • Distance Tracker

Hardware & Connectivity

  • Acceleration Sensor: G-Sensor = Boch423

  • Bluetooth®: Built-In

  • Device Support: iOS & Android

  • Charging: Magnetic Charging Base

  • CPU: Nordic +BK


Additional Specs

  • Body/Face Size: 22mm x 12.5mm

  • Body w/ Strap: 255mm x 42mm x 12.5mm

  • Strap: Silicone

  • Strap 2: Steel

  • Weight: 1.9oz - Electrum (Steel Magnetic Band): 2.4oz

  • Display: Amoled w/ Full Touch Screen

  • Battery: 400mAH