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Inspiring the culture through social technology.

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*Investing into NSPRE™ Electronics, LLC will be an investment under an Interest Investment  and  SAFE, Simple Agreement for Future Equity. This investment involves various risk factors.

Join 50+ of NSPRE's largest investors from the USA, Canada & UK.

Before now, NSPRE™ Electronics was only opened to a small selection of investors. With already, $1.05M invested in our products, R&D, talent acquisitions, and expansion. We are finally opening NSPRE™ to more investors.

Reasons to Invest

  • Found  by the first African American Woman to launch an Electronics and Smartphone brand.

  • Released 1st product August 2020 and has moved over 7,000 units of our Smart Wearables and Smartphone.

  • Has employed 13 people and will hire a total of 33 by February 2021.

  • Our goal is to become the largest African American Found consumers electronics provider by scaling our partnerships and retail acquisitions.

  • Founder generated $1.8 Million in revenue for her first company in its first year.

  • Waitlist for products has grown to 5,800+ people waiting to order upon release.


  • Trademarked NSPRE Electronics

  • Secured $1.05M in investments

  • Secured NSPRE 3,000 SQ Ft Headquarters

  • Has moved 7,000+ products since August (First Product Release)

  • Designed and released our Flagship Smartphone

  • Has 2nd Smartphone in production

"...She's building the most Prominent Tech Startup in Her Hometown."


Risk of Investing

  • In a market where key smartphone players have 56% market share

  • There is a strategic supply and demand for smartphones already in the market

  • Merger and Acquisitions that increase key players market capacity

Temporary Risk: Current climate of COVID-19 can increase the cost of manufacturing and part distributions. With the limitations on disposable income as a result of COVID-19, conversions may be 11% lower than our starting point.

Our Philosophy

NSPRE™ philosophy is straightforward: "Create innovative, affordable, and consumer-first products and services." Our standards are set with the very best of our community and products.

Our Brand

The NSPRE™ brand is built on and strives for creativity and culture. We create exciting, lifestyle, and innovative products that inspire everyday use. Our vision is to "Inspire the culture through social technology" to improve others' lifestyles and the way we access the world around us.

Our Audience

NSPRE™ is a millennial-focused brand. Millennials are considered the 'always concerned" generation because of the close relationship millennials have with technology. NSPRE™ aims to connect through the unity of social technology-- and cutting edge, fun, and simplicity in tech is the millennial's initiative.


Our Products

NSPRE™ thrives on culture forward and homogeneity consumer-first products. We keep the culture connected through technology. Whether through the commonness of a smartphone or the uniqueness of Bluetooth® Eyewear; connectivity has a major spin at NSPRE™.

Currently Active:

  • NX Pro Plus LE: Smartphone

  • The Ombres: Bluetooth® Wearables

  • The Solars: Bluetooth® Wearables

  • The Inferno: Bluetooth® Wearables

  • NSPRE Memory: microSD Cards


  • NSPRE™ Security

  • NSPRE™ iOT Platform

NSPRE the house

NSPRE™ Electronics will be housed in the heart of Alabama inside the Historic Kress building. We have secured a 3,000 SQ. ft space where we will house a team of 33.

The headquarters is set to open January 2021.

We will update buildout progress here and via our social media.

The Terms

The Investing Terms

In making an investment decision, you as an investors must rely on your through examination of the company you're looking to invest in and the terms of any offering by that company. Where there is always risk involved with investing, in small or large companies, NSPRE™ Electronics is a new company with new customers but current revenues. If you are investing in NSPRE™, it is because you believe in the company in the current state and the future of it.

You believe that NSPRE™ will be able to successfully distribute, market and sell its products. You believe that we can successfully profit and scale our business where it will be a success for both you as an investor and for the company; with speculative terms in mind.

Duration: Investments in NSPRE™, an early-stage consumer electronics and emerging technology company can be long-term. Unlike an investment in a mature business, where there is a matured track record of revenue and P&L, the success of NSPRE™, an emerging consumer electronics company relies on the development of new products. You should be prepared to invest with NSPRE™ operating at a profit or a loss.

Liquidity: Your ability to liquidate your investment in before 1.5 years will be restricted. You will need to hold your investment for a definite period of time.

ROI of Investment: Unlike traditional investments, you will receive a ROI or ability to cash-in upon 1 or 3 Events: Tesix's IPO (If we go public), Company Acquisition (Selling the company) or OIL (Open Investment Liquidation). However, over the course of your investment all investments will generate at 0.05% TIPO every 30 days.

Reporting: NSPRE™ Electronics will provide Bi-Annual Reports to all investors.

Tracking: NSPRE™ Electronics is a privately held company and therefore the availability of public tracking is not available.

Cancellation Restrictions: Once you make an investment, you can cancel the investment at any time and for any reason within 14 days of your investment by requesting to do so at support@nspreelectronics.com.

Return of Investment after cancellation window: If you wish to have your investment returned before the 1.5 Yr window, this will require a review. If you are requesting a withdrawal before any stated liquidity events take place, your investment will be deemed an invalid cash-out forfeiting any gains from your TIPO.

Perk Submission: All perks offered in NSPRE™ Investment tiers will be sent after the closing of the investment round.


Duties & Perks

Roles, Duties and Expectation of all Investors are hoped to be active and involved in various standards of marketing and public representation of the company. Your active participation is a great factor to our continued success.


These duties can be as followed: 


  • Social & Press Sharing

  • Referrals for products (Request a Referral code)

  • Minor Marketing Participation

  • Proper Representation if Publicly investing

  • Event Participation (if able)

All perks will be sent after the rounds closing.
Thank You Notes will be mailed as your investments are cleared. Official documents are emailed upon round end.

Tier One

Green Level


  • NSPRE™ T-shirt

  • 1 NSPRE Wearables

  • Residual Referral Code

  • Investor Discount (10%)

  • Access to Investor Group

  • 5% off wholesale rate (Optional)

Tier Two

Golden Level


  • NSPRE™ T-shirt

  • Wearables + NX Pro Plus

  • Residual Referral Code

  • Investor Discount (15%)

  • Access to Investor Group

  • 5% off wholesale rate (Optional)

Tier Three

Sky Level


  • NSPRE™ T-shirt + Merch

  • 1 of each Product

  • Listed as Investor (Optional)

  • Residual Referral Code

  • Investor Discount (15%)

  • Access to Investor Group

  • 7% off wholesale rate (Optional)

If you are interested in becoming a NSPRE Product reseller, you will receive additional discounts on our wholesale pricing.

Tier Four

Platinum Level


  • All items in Tier 1-3

  • 2 of each Product (Varies)

  • Investor Discount (20%)

  • Access to Investor Group

  • Exclusive testing of products

  • 10% off wholesale rate (Optional)

Testing of products is currently done virtual by NSPRE Largest Investors. As time progresses, testing will continue at NSPRE Headquarters.

Investing FAQ

How will I track my investment?

Because NSPRE™ Electronics is not a public company, all investors will receive Bi-Annual reports. However, these reports do not reflect individual investments but overall company overview.

What is the ROI of my investments?

An ROI is impossible to be determined. ROIs are determined by company liquidity events such as Company acquisitions, Liquidation of assets, IPO, or company selling of asset-based on valuation. Because this is also an Interest-Based investment, your investment will generate Interest monthly. after the required non-liquidity period, you will be able to withdraw your investment or hold.

What happens if I withdraw my investment early?

Withdrawing your investments before the non-liquidation period is up is not allowed. However, it can be reviewed by NSPRE™ Electronics' advisors. If it is approved you will forfeit all interest gains and will simply be returned what you invested.

When will I recceive my perks?

All perks included in your investment will be sent after the round has ended. All investors will receive a link tailored for their investment tier to select their perks for shipping. Thank You Cards will be sent to all investors after their investment has cleared.

What is the Residual Referral Code?

All investors will receive a referral code. This unique code can be shared with others to receive discounts on NSPRE orders at checkout. Each time your code is used, you will receive 3% of that total order amount. Payouts are Bi-weekly via PayPal.

What if a product isn't in stock for my perks?

If you invest at a tier that includes multiple NSPRE products, and a product isn't in stock, you will be able to select from a different item of equal value or await restocking.

Can I do multiple Investments?

Yes, as long as the round is still going, you will be able to reinvest.
Once the round has ended, no more investments will be accepted.

Can I invest on behalf of my business?

Yes, you can. During your investment submission, you will be asked to place a business name (optional) if you are investing under an LLC.

What if I don't have Facebook for the Investors Group?

For maximum convenience, Facebook allows us to keep our investor engaged, up to date, share press, and for investors to ask our Founder and Advisors questions. If you don't have a Facebook Page, you will be able to get weekly updates (if any) via email. Note: Joining this group is optional. You will receive the link to the Private Group but MUST join to see its content.

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