NX Pro Plus: A great business addition?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We rely on smartphones to stay connected in our everyday lives. But as solopreneurs become more mobile and remote, a secondary smartphone is needed to separate business from personal.

Today, technology has progressed to the point where you can get a large amount of work done with just your thumbs -- accessing work documents, sending and signing contracts, video conferencing, and so much more.

Armed with 6GB of RAM and 128+256GB of storage, the NX Pro Plus provides ample space to store all your business essential apps to access on the go.

Most Popular Integrations:

  • Multiple Users Ability: Add up to 10 users to 1 device

  • Integrated Google Lens: Identify any object or thing by taking a photo

  • Auto Connect: Connect your NX Pro Plus to your car and mirror your. device onto your car's screen. (Only select cars have this ability)

  • Chromebook Connect: Pair and connect your NX Pro Plus to your Google Chromebook.

System Features:

  • Triple Camera

  • Blind Hole front Camera

  • Fingerprint Sensor

  • Facial Recognition

  • Dark / Light Mode

  • Focus Mode

  • Google Assist

  • Smart Controls

Powered by Google:

Powered by Google Assistant, our NX Pro Plus can listen to your commands and text and set reminders for you, turn on Bluetooth, and your camera, which can identify landmarks, objects, and even scan business cards to add contact information into your smartphone.

Cool right!

As our flagship device, affordability was necessary, while features and capabilities were also important. With its features, space, design, and abilities, the NX Pro Plus is only $225, making an excellent affordable business addition for everyday use.

Looking to add the NX Pro Plus as your business companion?

Order using code TNX3 and enjoy 3 months free on the Tesix Wireless Network's PayGO Plan.


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