Why you need NSPRE™ Bluetooth® Glasses.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Think about a time you were driving, taking a walk, or even out on a run. During these moments, your undivided attention is needed on the road and what's ahead of you. The hassle with headphones, earbuds are falling out, and answering your phone while driving is distracting.

This is where NSPRE Solars and Ombres, our Bluetooth® Audio Glasses, come in. They allow you to enjoy your drive with zero distractions, take your walk or run without dangling earbuds and look stylish doing it.

The Styles

The Ombres

The Ombres Audio Sunglasses are classic, modern, and timeless. With a semi-square frame and unisex build, the Ombres fit perfectly with any look.

The Solars

The Solars Audio Glasses are equipped with BluTech Lenses that are a perfect match for computer techs, designers, and everyday wear. With a crystal clear frame and white/orange legs, the unisex frames are ideal for a chic, tech, and minimalist styles.

The NSPRE™ Audio Glasses are Waterproof. Enjoy in sunshine and drizzle.

How do they work?

The NSPRE™ Audio Glasses connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth® connectivity. Keeping your ears free of plugins and coverups, the NSPRE™ Audio Glasses have an open ear concept. There is a built-in mic directly in the temple of your eyewear, making it easy for callers to understand you during phone calls.

Made with discretion

Even though the NSPRE™ Audio Glasses have an open sound concept, the directional speaker sends sound directly into your eye. When others are close, they won't be able to hear much. So listening to music, a podcast, in the middle of a phone call or watching youtube; enjoy with privacy.

Keep your ears on your surroundings.

Channeling out your surroundings is excellent and sometimes preferred. With the NSPRE™ Audio Glasses, you can keep "open/closed ears." This means, while audio is being played, noises around you isolate, keeping the music clear. You also can turn off one leg and keep your sound flowing in the other—one ear to the music, one ear to the world.

NSPRE™ Audio Glasses are available for Nationwide shipping.

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