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Order any 3 NSPRE™ Wearables and get a free NX Pro Plus LE promotion is valid for new purchases only. Valid wearables are for the following models: Solars, Ombres, and Inferno. Please note that models Solars and Infernos will ship Oct. 30, 2020. If your order includes items that are not yet in stock, the order will be shipped as one.

Because the NX Pro Plus LE is completely free, returning the NX Pro Plus LE for a refund of any kind is prohibited. Only items purchased can be returned for a refunds. The NX Pro Plus can be exchanged for any reasons covered in our 1-year Warranty.

No promotional code in this order is needed. Upon placing a order with 3 or more Wearables, your order will automatically include your NX Pro Plus LE within order.

Promotions & Sales Statement

If you purchased a sale item and want to return that item, your refund will only consist of the sale/paid amount.

If you purchase a regular priced item and that product is later on sale, credits or price swapping is prohibited. Items purchased before a sale or offer are not valid for refunds on the price difference.

Promotions and sales are valid for new purchases only. Upon sale ending, promotional codes or deals are final at no expectations.

NSPRE™ Electronics, LLC Promotion and Sales Statement is for products/goods purchased via or This statement excludes purchases made offline or via other platforms/marketplaces.

Any purchases made offline, that are not NSPRE™ Electronics, LLC approved sites, marketplaces or resellers via a sale or promotion, are not covered within this statement or any NSPRE™ Electronics, LLC affiliated policy.

Any NSPRE™ Electronics, LLC branded items purchased via sale/promotions on platforms like eBAY, Inc, Amazon, Inc, Facebook, Inc Marketplace and etc; are also exempt from coverage under any NSPRE™ Electronics, LLC statements and policies.

Note: To take full advantage of any promotions using a offer code, you MUST, with no exceptions, use the promotional code advertised. If a sale or offer requires a promo code, the deal will only be valid or honored when proper code is used at checkout.

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