Because of PS5 Bluetooth® ability, you will be able to connect your wearables to your Gaming Console.

Bluetooth® and blutech.

Reducing eye strain, discomfort, and fatigue, "The Solars" are designed to protect your eyes from harmful blue lights in modern and stylish frames.

Open Ear Sound

No earplugs or ear coverings. Open concept sound with privacy.

Modern Design 

Designed with Ultra Modern materials and a lightweight frame design.

Bluetooth® Enabled

Connects to any mobile device with Bluetooth® ability.

Built-in Microphone

Talk on the phone and use voice commands effortlessly.

BluTech Lens

Has BluTech Lenes that protects your eyes from screen blue light projection.

Directional Sound

Wth a open sound design, directional sounds keeps audio private.

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Blue Light

Tech Benefits.

Blutech lenses offer protection from harmful blue light and ultraviolet light, enhance contrast and depth perception, and are impact resistant. They also help increase night vision.

Bluetooth® and Blue-Tech in one.

Artificial blue light from screens and energy-efficient lighting disrupts your biological clock and causes digital eye strain

Lightweight frame with everyday modern design.

Despite its Bluetooth® technology, the Solars remain lightweight and retains excellent mobility. Includes a magnetic fast charging snap-on USB adapter.

Unisex and medium frame.

Unisex design that both men and women can enjoy for work and everyday wear.


  • Solar Frame: Standard fit

  • 145mm - 47mm - 160mm

  • Weight:1.50 oz

Additional details

  • Bluetooth range: 30ft (9M)

  • Battery charging time: Up to 2 hours

  • Battery life: Up to 3 hours

  • Blutech Protection

Material details

  • Metal Hinges

  • Polyamides Lens

  • Scratch Resistent Fiber Frames

  • Magnetic Charger - USB

Other deets

  • Water Proof - IP67

  • In-directional Sound - Privacy

  • Mic and Bluetooth®

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